Machine Tools Reconditioning and Retrofitting

We undertake comprehensive retrofits where replacement of high value special purpose machine tools is not financially feasible. Our solutions include :

  • Conversion of conventional Gear Cutting Machine into CNC
  • Reconditioning and Conversion of conventional VTL into CNC
  • Retrofit all types and sizes of VMC’s and HMC’s .
  • Conversion of Cylindrical/Angular Grinder to CNC Grinders.
  • Conversion of conventional Floor Borers into CNC Borers
  • Retrofit CNC Turning Center’s along with their Automatic Turret and Mobile Steady’s and Tails Stocks inclusive of Auto Loader Systems.

Our expert engineers are able to efficiently identify machine components that need to new spares that will make your machine brand new again. We pride ourselves in quick response, as we know that a machine down is lost production.