828D CNC System

The compact, operator-panel-based SINUMERIK 828D BASIC T/BASIC M CNCs are extremely rugged and very easy to

Powerful CNC functions coupled with a unique 80-bit NANOFP accuracy permit excellent workpiece precision to be achieved in very short machining times. Thanks to a flexible CNC programming language as well as the unique machining step programming package ShopTurn/ShopMill, it is possible to program and machine mass-production parts or single workpieces with highest efficiency. Preconfigured technology-specific system softwareand unique service functions reduce the costs for commissioning and service to an absolute minimum.P_NC01_XX_00953j
Tailored for standard turning machines

The SINUMERIK 828D BASIC T CNC is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of modern standard turning machines. With powerful kinematic transformations and an extensive range of technology cycles, the SINUMERIK 828D BASIC T is also ideal for demanding machining applications with driven tools.


Perfectly tailored and preconfigured for:

  • Up to 5 axes/spindles in one machining channel
  • Face end machining with driven tools
  • Peripheral surface machining with driven tools

.and standard milling machines

The SINUMERIK 828D BASIC M CNC is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of modern standard milling machines. With its integral technology package SINUMERIK MDynamics including the new intelligent motion and velocity control Advanced Surface, the SINUMERIK 828D BASIC M is also ideally equipped for the machining of molded workpieces.


Perfectly tailored and preconfigured for:

  • Up to 5 axes/spindles in one machining channel
  • Peripheral surface machining with A axis
  • Machining and application in mold making