Everywhere in the manufacturing and process industry

∙ For outputs ranging from 0.12 kW to 250 kW
∙ In the manufacturing and process industry
∙ In applications ranging from pumps and fans, to extruders and winding machines, to conveyor systems

Perfect for centralized requirements

Thanks to its compact design, MICROMASTER is perfectly suited for control cabinet mounting, just as it can be integrated into the design of stand-alone and series machines.
MICROMASTER enables maximum utilization of the available mounting surface, from small outputs to large outputs, with a wide range of supply voltages. As such, it covers a wide field of applications.
The options concept opens up additional possibilities for customization:
∙ Different communication interfaces enable use in the most common network applications
∙ Plain-text operator panels simplify operation and also support a wide range of languages
∙ Base components such as reactors and filters complement the compact solution

MICROMASTER – The family

MICROMASTER represents system and family cohesiveness: Three models with a comprehensive cross-platform standard and balanced, graded performance features. Tried and tested millions of times worldwide!

Introducing the family members:
∙ MICROMASTER 420: The universal
∙ MICROMASTER 430: The specialist for pumps and fans
∙ MICROMASTER 440: The all-rounder

Highlights of the entire MICROMASTER family

Mechanical components
■ Compact, standardized drilling template
■ Standardized base components
■ Screwless control terminals
■ Fulfills the requirements of a wide range of standards

■ Graded I/O quantity structure
■ Various supply voltages

■ Different fieldbus interfaces (PROFIBUS, CAN, DeviceNet, RS485)
■ Integrated into Totally Integrated Automation