Sinamics DC Master 6RA80

The SI NAMICS DC MASTER converter units have been specifically designed to supply the armature and field of variable-speed DC motors. Alternative applications (e.g. supplying the field of a synchronous generator) are also possible.Sinamics DC Master 6RA80

SINAMI CS DC MASTER converter units are compact units containing both the power unit for the armature supply and the power unit for the field supply, as well as the control electronics and possible additional modules.

In the case of units with a 15 A to 1200 A rated DC current, the power units for the armature and field include electrically insulated thyristor modules, meaning that the heat sink is at ground potential. In units with a higher rated DC current, the power unit for the armature circuit includes disc-type thyristors and heat sinks (thyristor modules) at voltage potential.

The units have degree of protection !P00.

The connecting terminals are accessible from the front. The fan supply is fed in from the top; depending on the unit type, the field supply is either fed in from the top or the bottom.

All SINAMICS DC MASTER units are equipped with a Basic Operator Panel BOP20 in the front plate.

The BOP20 can be used

  • To make all the settings that are required for commissioning
  • To display all relevant measured values
  • To display faults and alarms and acknowledge faults
  • To switch the drive on and off