Message from Chairman Emeritus

Dear Friends,
Over the years since its formation in 1997, IAG has focused its operational activities in areas, where it could make the greatest contribution to increasing the productivity of Indian industry, through addressing in the automation needs.image009
We have measured our success by the question, “Were we able to perform to satisfaction level of our clientele, and simultaneously continue to improve with each completed task?” I am glad to report that most projects under taken by IAG are thought of as mile- stones in the history of organizations that availed of our products and services. The awards received by us stand testimony to our claim.
Convinced of the belief that IAG was founded with the responsibility to support automation in industry and address their problems, IAG values purposeful change and innovation as the two inter-related key characteristics that are critical to its long term success and future growth. In this transformation of approach, typical activities that IAG would embark upon include:

  • Enhancing the job development potential of research and conducting market assessments/ research for newer products and services.
  • Examination of IAG’s development options in the light of emerging business trends.
  • Facilitating product and systems design teams who will be developing practices for the new design environment.
  • Undertaking the transformation with internal resources, and also periodic progress reviews and improvements of work performance management system.

It is hoped that this IAG website would serve as a delivery mechanism for many of our products and services. We shall continue to invest in future- oriented initiatives for advancing our knowledge so as to develop new capabilities in production and maintenance systems, hidden cost identification, computer modeling and last but not of least importance employee needs major assessment, as a major economic advantage of a properly trained workforce.
 -Deepak Bist Chairman Emeritus,  IAG Automation