Features & Functionalities of S7-200 SMART:


Economical & convenient Ethernet interface:

  • All Smart CPUs have one integrated Ethernet interface which can be used for following;
  1. Program upload / download
  2. Communication with all Simatic HMI panels having Ethernet/Profinet port
  3. Communication with other S7-200 Smart CPU.
  •  Due to integrated Ethernet interface, standard Ethernet cable (CAT cable) can be used. This is very cost competitive as compared to PC-PP I cable.
  • Standard Ethernet cable is needed for HMI connection which is also very economical as compared to RS485 cable that is needed in S7-200/CN.

Motion Control Features:

  • Provides high-speed control, with a range from 20 pulses per second up to 100,000 pulses per second.
  • Supports both jerk (S curve) or linear acceleration and deceleration.
  • Provides a configurable measuring system that allows you to enter data either as engineering units (such as inches or centimeters) or as a number of pulses.
  • Provides configurable backlash compensation.
  • Supports absolute, relative, and manual methods of position control.
  • Provides up to 32 motion profiles, with up to 16 speed changes per profile.
  • Provides four different reference-points seek modes, with a choice of the starting seek direction and the final approach direction for each sequence.
  • Provides support for SINAMICS V90 drives.