840D CNC system

The SINUMERIK 840D powedine provides you with modularity. openness. a uniform structure for operating, programming and visualizing and provides a system platform with innovative lunctions for almost all technologies. Together with the SIMODRIVE 611 clonal converter system. and supplemented by the SIMATIC 57-300 automation system. the SINUMERIK 840D powerline offers a complete digital system which is especially suitable for complex processing tasks and is characterized by maximum dynamics and precision. With the SINUMERIK 840D powerline, certified SINUMERIK Safety Integrated functions can be obtained with which highly effective protection of persons and machines is possible in a simple. economical and practical manner.CNC System


  • The digital CNC system for complex tasks
  • Maximum performance and flexibility especially for complex multiple-axis systems
  • Uniform opemess from operation up to the NC core.
  • c Integral, certified safety functions for man and machine: SINUMERIK Safety Integrated
  • Well-proven operating and programming software such as ShopMill or ShopTurn and Motion Control Information System products (MCIS products)


The SINUMERIK 8400 powedine is used worldwide for turning, <Idling, milting, grinding, laser machining, nibbling, punching, in tool and mold making, as press control. for high-speed cutting applications, for wood and glass processing. for handling ope¬rations, in transfer fines and rotary indexing machines. for mass production and JobShop production.
The SINUMERIK 8400E powerline is available as an export ver¬sion for use in countries where approval is required.


Performance and flexibility

The scalability of the hardware and software – both in the CNC and control area – provides exceptional prerequisites for use of the SINUMERIK asco powerline in many sectors. The possibii¬ties range from simple positioning tasks up to complex multi-axis systems.

We offer different types of NCU for your machining tasks.

If there is a high requirement for axes and channels. e.g. with rotary indexing or multi•spindle machines. computing perfor¬mance, configuration facilities and memory areas of the NCUs can be combined using link modules, thus becoming signifi¬cantly extended (fast IPO link).

5-axis machining tasks.e.g. milling of free-form surfaces. can be solved simply and conveniently using this machining package. The following functions are included in the Sans machining package: 5-axis transformation with tool orientation. 5-axis tool length compensation, oriented tool retraction, tool-oriented RTCP and cardan millheadinutating head.
Use of an NCU 573.5 is recommended for maximu-n dynamics and accuracy in mold making or in the I4SC sector.

System-wide openness

Thanks to openness across the RMI, CNC and PLC. users can apply their specific expertise such that they achieve exactly the individual control solution desired. The SINUMERIK 8400 powerline offers openness up to the NC core. This open architecture and the high computing performance of the SINUMERIK 8410D powedine mean that adaptation of the CNC functions to many different innovative machine kinematics can be achieved flexibly. rapidly and cost-effectively. Additional technology-specific functions can be subsequently boded as compile cycles.

Integrated certified safety functions

SINUMERIK 8400 powerline includes Certified SINUMERIK Safety Integrated functions with which highly effective protection of persons and machines is possible in a simple, economical and practical manner.

Well-proven operator software and programming software

ShopMill or ShopTurn for genuine workshop CNC and Motion
Control Information System products (MCIS products) for the
production area. such as CNC program management.