Power Generation Transmission & Distribution

IAG Power Solution from Concept to Completion

IAG Power — Transmission and Distribution (T & I) business otters a complete range of products. service and solutions for Electrical Transmission and Distribution Applications.
As a solutions provider, it brings together and optimizes different disciplines, T&D businesses and third-par suppliers, to address the specific problems, however complex and add value to customer business.
IAG has strategic alliance with world leaders like Siemens, EASUN REYROLLE, RUNH POWER & JETLY-GmbH Reyrolle for providing solutions for the T & D market. The IAG expertise includes providing solutions for utilities, industries and other power distributors.

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IAG Power offers unique solutions for the following markets:

  • Distribution Management Systems (DMS) – With the growing economy, the demand-supply gap in power is widening. It is thus imperative that power utilities look at increasing efficiencies in distribution networks. In addition, the social pricing for rural and other sectors puts an increasing pressure on utilities to improve productivity as also reduce operating and maintenance costs to remain financially viable. Effective use of Information Technology is key to the success under the new regulatory regime which helps the utility In achieving reduced operating and maintenance costs, improving the operational efficiency and improving the asset utilization with its state- of -the- art technology solutions. which are tailor made to suit utility requirements.
  • Transmission Energy Management Systems – Power Network Application. Generation Dispatch & Control. Comprehensive Operation & Planning Study and Dispatcher Training Simulator.
  • Industrial Load Management Solutions (ILMS) – Power is the key inputs for any large industrial process plant. A large complex will have multiple sources of power like captive units. external state or national grid. On the distribution front they will have power system network covering various plants, process units, housing colonies etc. IAG helps in having a centralized command and control centre to govern energy by implementing Load Shedding & sharing Schemes. Demand Control (Volt/Var) and Load Balancing.
    Substation Automation (SAS) – Integrated Substation Control & Monitoring System. Bay Control Units. Remote Terminal Units.